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Welcome to Our World Video Clips!  Our World Video and Our World Video Clips is a Subsidiary of Our World Enterprises LLC!  Learn more about Our World Enterprises LLC and our offerings at http://www.OurWorldEnterprises.com.

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Purchase Stunning Video Clips!

We are your place for amazing and professional organization and/or company Video Logo Intros, Titles, Overlays, Alphas, Outros, Transitions and Socials, delivered in hours!!
Check out what SOME of what we have to offer you for your video project in our Video Showreel here:

Click here to browse our full selection of Video Clips:  http://VideoClips.OurWorldVideo.com
You do not edit your own videos? Well, we have a solution for you!  We do have a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Template store at Our World Video Store located at http://VideoStore.OurWorldVideo.com where we have PowerPoint/Google Slide Templates which you can edit and export/save as a professional High Definition (HD) Video for your organization or business!
If you are not interested in using our Simple DIY Video Templates to create your videos, we still have an option for you!  Our World Video Agency can help!  We sell templates for your videos which we can edit to your liking or we can contract with you to make a full fledged custom video for your organization or your business! Check us out at Our World Video Agency ~ Coming Soon!
Once you have your video, made by you, or by us, Our World Video Clips can make you a professional Video Logo Intros, Title, Overlay, Alpha, Outro, Transition and Social, delivered in hours to make your video even more amazing!!